Pain Is Power Inc. Founder & Board President Gregory R. Jones Jr. envisions a future in which underserved and challenged children will gain adequate access to the same possibilities as more privileged children in America. Though, one of his core beliefs is that each child must first be armed and able to overcome whatever obstacles they face in order to be inspired to pursue new possibilities and to achieve their goals.

iInspire is a series of talks Gregory gives around the country to present challenged children with riveting stories and examples of people who excelled beyond their circumstances. He promotes not only the education of the mind, but champions an emphasis on self worth as well.

In 2014, Gregory’s focus will be on The Dream Gap. He believes that most youth challenged with economic and emotional obstacles are flooded with limited ideals of success–usually presented in a sensational manner via music or sports. Our goal is to present options that are more diverse and less driven by low odds, and to present people with sound plans for achieving these new possibilities.

Through his Dream Gap presentations and talks, he hopes to expose undeserved youth to cultural, educational and lifestyle experiences that provide an expanded view of the world and its possibilities. We believe this exposure will encourage youth to dream beyond the limited ideals of success glamourized by the media as their “way out.” The Dream Gap will inspire students to consider careers, hobbies and passions that include entrepreneurship, arts and culture, and professional careers.